VMBO2009 end

A very successful vmbo2009 workshop has ended and a big thanks goes out to all involved.  While the organization was, as expected, perfect there were some contextual trouble in the form of …


… snow.

Yes, Amsterdam (or, better, the transport system of Benelux) was brought to its knees by the sudden arrival of winter. Although beautiful, this translated to travel problems with some participants arriving late and some not at all. That’s a shame but rumor has it that there will be a continuation of the workshop in a year or so in Ghent, Belgium. A confirmation of this will be posted on this site so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, this site will be updated as bits and pieces of info (presentations, photos, etc.) from vmbo2009 drops in. Once again, a big thanks to all involved.


p.s. the scene above is not really from Amsterdam but from my window in Stockholm minutes before I left. Amsterdam looked almost the same.

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